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Social Value

C L Danson Building Contractors Ltd Approach

The key functions within C L Danson building contractors LTD that drive the culture and values towards improving social, economic and environmental wellbeing in communities are our training, development, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, employee wellbeing, community investment and sustainable procurement activities which are governed by our recruitment, workplace, community investment and employment.

These policies and our Total Commitment to Enhancing Communities are brought to life every day, on every project, by our people in our office and on our projects. We take individual and collective pride in the positive impact that we have on peoples’ lives and focus on mitigating and obviating community risks and concerns around our construction activities. We believe that these positive impacts are an intrinsic part of making the industry an attractive place to work as well as supporting the core objectives of our customers to improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing in communities.

Measuring & Reporting

We report internally on learning and development, supply chain, diversity and inclusion and workforce inclusion, diversity and wellbeing, these internal KPI’s are monitored at management level. Best practice is shared and celebrated internally. We report externally via C L Danson building contractors LTD on the economic impact we create within communities and on being a good neighbour through the Considerate Constructors Scheme.

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Learning & Development Outreach

We are fiercely proud of the diverse career opportunities that are offered by the construction industry. We work with third parties to attract new talent into the industry at all levels. We believe that by consistently demonstrating rich life chances as early as possible and at any stage of a person’s life, we dramatically increase the potential for individuals to be economically active and make a contribution to society.


By integrating our core functions of employment, subcontracting, inclusion and training we can identify where we are most able to deliver maximum social value to our customers. Our social value programmes draw information from each of these areas to create positive interventions that are targeted and purposeful. We are intent on leaving a lasting legacy by improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the individuals in the communities where we operate.

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